[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Presentation is the most important part of a future construction. A building exterior design creates an impression on those who will see it. Hence in order to sell a building or a property, it is important that it looks great from outside.

3D Building exterior rendering and animation

When construction companies make project presentation to their clients, the presentation invariably starts with a view of the future building from the outside. When the project has not begun and you are at the design proposal stage, a well prepared 3D design of the building and a photorealistic architectural exterior 3D rendering view of the building is used.

Architectural exterior modeling and 3D rendering for client presentation include several elements like:

  • The surrounding landscape, people and parking facility
  • Building exterior rendering with realistic color, design and textures of the building materials
  • The view and ambiance outside the building during daytime and nighttime both (this includes 3D rendering the lighting and shadow effect in daylight and artificial light)
  • If there are glass facade, our 3D modelers and rendering experts create material maps and 3D reflective surfaces that behave exactly like an actual glass. You can see a reflection of the sky, lawn, landscape etc from various camera angles.

As a construction company, you can use the 3D exterior design imagery beyond the client presentation, onto their marketing materials, catalogs, advertisements, posters, banners, brochures and websites.

If you want to work with our team just send us your design files and we will create top quality Architectural 3D Renders to showcase your future development. We have many years of experience in construction and 3D Architectural Rendering for both residential and commercial clients. Our talented team has the skills and experience to transform your 2d drawings, Autocad plans, 3d Revit or Sketchup files into photorealistic rendered images.

Whether you are developing a residential or commercial project, 3D rendered images can present your architectural design in a way that will impress your clients.  Whether you want to showcase a product concept or create a walk-through of a property still under construction, our 3D rendering services will bring all your designs to life.

Rendering  Experts in offering top quality 3D architectural renderings at an affordable price 

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